The Boiling Crab


It all began in a little Southeastern Texas town called Seadrift. Seadrift, population 2000, was home to Yo'Daddy and family. The family of crabbers and fishermen labored in their boats year-round, catching oysters, crab and shrimp for the seafood industry. As toiling as the work was, every weekend the men would come home and make sure that they enjoyed their catch of the week... boiling crawfish and crabs... shucking raw oysters... grilling fresh fish... always with a beer in hand. The enjoyment of fresh seafood and spending quality time with family and friends extended after Yo'Daddy caught the best catch of his life, Yo'Mama in 1995. Yo'Mama, the consummate Midwest girl from Kansas, did not have as much exposure to the seafood delicacies that Yo'Daddy was to introduce to her. But, she did have the natural inclination to have friends and family over for joyous occasions that were always surrounded by good food-a-plenty. And one thing Yo'Mama does know is that she knows how to EAT!!! With their flair for having a good time, warm hospitality and knowledge of excellent seafood preparation, Yo'Daddy and Yo'Mama opened the first Boiling Crab in 2004. Now family and friends (and you, too!) can experience the fun and taste of a backyard crab fest right here in Southern California. Their dream - that The Boiling Crab have the "best tail in town" and be the biggest ass-pinching, head sucking venue, this side of Mississippi - has become a reality.


1631 E Capitol Expy Ste 101
San Jose, California 95121
United States

by Target and Beef Noodle #1

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